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  FIBL Lecture 2004 (Essential Reading)  
  A4 spiral bound paperback, 39 pages including numerous coloured photographs. This lecture was presented to the staff of FiBL (Swiss Research Station specialising in Organic Research). Very succinct coverage of a number of topics which have been explored in more detail in other publications.
Good overview and general introduction for newly enquiring farmers.
Discussion centres on very practical application and understanding of modern bio-dynamic farming.
IFOAM Conference Address (Essential Reading)  
A4 spiral bound paperback, 8 pages. An address given to a large audience of predominantly international government scientists and agricultural advisers who were attending the IFOAM World Conference held in Adelaide in September 2005. Covers the problem of Australian agriculture as world phosphate reserves diminish, and provides a truly sustainable alternative to the modern approach of “input” farming – which is occurring even on organic farms.
A successful sand farm in the Victorian Mallee is used as an example.
Bio-Dynamics Agriculture of the Future (Essential Reading)  
A4 spiral bound paperback, 41 pages including numerous coloured photographs. This informative lecture was presented to DEMETER International in Italy in 1999. For farmers and home gardeners it is an excellent introduction to the bio-dynamic method. It also provides consumers with a comprehensive, yet easily readable, explanation of the difference between organic and bio-dynamic farming and product quality.
Living Agriculture ( sequel to “Bio-Dynamics of the Future)  
A4 spiral bound paperback, 32 pages including coloured photographs. This is the sequel to “Bio-Dynamics Agriculture of the Future”, with reference made to this through the book. Pictorially shows reclamation of salt affected farming land under bio-dynamic management / humus vs organic matter and their qualitatively differing effects on soil and plant feeding / living-dynamic farm processes / farm and individual are intertwined / education and training of farmers / advisory and extension method used in the Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association of Australia.
Living Knowledge  
A4 spiral bound paperback, 35 pages including line diagrams and coloured pictures. Topics include: Agricultural materialism is destroying living Earth / Classic Natural Science vs Hypothetical Science / 500 activating activity occurs with correct stirring method / Kepler’s 3 Laws reflected in correct stirring process / life implanting action of Chaos / Chaos in seed allows new individuality to form / 3 types of viewing – imagination, intuition, inspiration.
This lecture supported by the explanation and pictorial results of a large scale Bio-Dynamic market garden shown in the DVD “Cosmo-Earthly and Green Manure”.
Bio-Dynamic Agriculture Introductory Lectures - Volume 1  
approx. A5 paperback, 190 pages including drawings and b/w pictures. 8 Sections covering a wide variety of farming topics including: soil ripping /
soil-humus-plant dynamics / pests / soil testing / composting / product quality testing methods / schwenk water testing / planting using moon rhythms and zodiac influences / plant forms and planet influences / the vortex / stirring method / 500 and 501 / plant nutrition / permanent pasture.
Bio-Dynamic Agriculture Introductory Lectures - Volume 2  
approx. A5 paperback, 173 pages including drawings and b/w pictures. 11 Sections which continue a number of themes established in Volume 1, and covers new topics: natural-organic-biodynamic farming / root and upper plant expression under differing fertiliser regimes / building activity of 500 / light activity of 501 / crystalization tests showing quality assessment / transmutation of elements / etheric liquidity / real knowledge from monism vs theoretical knowledge from dualism / farm individuality / the modern biodynamic farmer / soil compost / the long question – the earth’s surface is a diaphragm.
Bio-Dynamic Agriculture Introductory Lectures - Volume 3  
A5 spiral bound paperback, 61 pages including coloured photographs. 4 sections covering a number of topics including: organic industry overview 1995 / the farmer as most important item on a farm / nutrition / disease / purpose of existence / soil structure, organic matter and humus / sick plants mean sick soil / bio-dynamic preparations / living-breathing earth / sustainability of humus.
Ad Humanitatem  
A4 spiral bound paperback 57 pages. Immensely important work from a human perspective, using bio-dynamic farming activities as examples.
Begins by developing further the objective-subjective viewing described in “Active Perception” / discusses formative forces including super-physical, physical and sub-physical / philogenetic and ontogenetic development / individual expression / bio-dynamic agriculture needs holistically imaginative farmers / expands on theme of inspiration, imagination and intuition as method of knowledge introduced in “Living Knowledge” / the human endeavour of crossing from personalised Self to Ego-Individuality.
Active Perception  
170mm X 245mm paper back, 84 pages plus 2 inserts – handwriting chart, and a later published Part 3 supplement to the original work (A5, 12 pages).
This book acts as a training tool for developing an holistic viewing method. Subjective-objective one-sidedness are brought together using Will activity
to create a monistic approach to knowledge. Etheric forces are discussed with examples of how these can be worked with and experienced.
Biannual magazine: “Biodynamic Growing”
Covers a range of bio-dynamic subjects, and features various farmers and gardeners stories.
For more information and to subscribe go to: www.bdgrowing.com
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