- Alex Podolinsky, Bio-Dynamic Pioneer
The Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Method is a hands on practical method
that demands the applicant be well grounded in and responsive to the realities of Nature.
It is ideally suited to the practical farmer, or experienced hobby farmer and/or home gardener.
Since it works with the cycles and complexities of Nature, any intellectual or idealistic approach is destined to fail.
DOING will be your greatest teacher
The following two organisations are long established and well experienced to help you develop the bio-dynamic skills necessary to refine
– or in some cases cast off –
the practices undertaken by you in relation to your agricultural or gardening operation.

Founded in 1953 as the advisory/training organisation to aid farmers in developing the skills and techniques to change from conventional to Bio-Dynamic farming.
BDAAA members form a purposeful Guild with membership conditional on agreeing to:
i) Undertake Bio-Dynamic work in accordance with the methods laid down by the Association, and
ii) Actively apply the Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Method with initial help and support of an experienced member appointed by the Association, and
iii) Apply practices conducive to the workings of the Bio-Dynamic preparations.
These practices are outlined in the Association’s Practical Introduction Manual, Lectures and DVD’s,
and as guided by an appointed experienced member from each geographic region.

BDAAA membership provides access to the highest quality bio-dynamic preparations, Practical Introduction Manual, DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Newsletter
and Annual Sowing Chart, as well as support and advice from experienced bio-dynamic farmers.
The Biodynamic Gardeners Association Incorporated (BDGAI) was formed in 1975 with the aim of teaching home gardeners and non-commercial operators
the Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic method.
Bio-Dynamic literature and field days introduce the Bio-Dynamic Method, inclusive of compost making and storage and application of the Bio-Dynamic Preparations. Membership provides access to the highest quality bio-dynamic preparations, regular meetings and field-days,
Practical Notes, Bio-Dynamic Growing magazine, Member’s Newsletter, annual sowing chart, Bio-Dynamic library, seed bank
and advice on all aspects of Bio-Dynamic Management.
If you are a farmer wishing to convert your property, you will contact the BDAAA

If you have not already done so, you will be referred to our Resource Library to obtain basic information.
This is required so that there is an understanding of the Australian DEMETER Bio-Dynamic Method and knowledge of what will be expected of you
as you work through the conversion process.

Since the Association operates as a Guild, you will be put in contact with an experienced Bio-Dynamic farmer who will help you get started.
You must be prepared to obtain a suitable stirring machine and spray unit, as well as supporting equipment such as correct preparation storage box and water heating unit. Other items may be required depending on your type of operation and existing equipment.

If you are a home gardener, you will contact the BDGAI

To become a member, you will be required to attend one of their beginner’s field days,
where you will learn amongst other things how to correctly stir and apply the Bio-Dynamic preparations.
Having successfully completed this training you will be eligible to obtain high quality Bio-Dynamic preparations through the Association.

If you are a hobby farmer, you may contact either the BDAAA or BDGAI to discuss your particular situation.
Based on your specific needs you will be directed to the organisation most suited to meet your requirements.